Liberty Development has applied for Official Plan Amendment (OPA) and Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBA) applications from the City of Toronto to permit the redevelopment of the Six Points Plaza in Etobicoke. Upon approval, the redevelopment would include four mixed-use blocks consisting of high-density and medium-density buildings as well as parkland, on the property that is located on the south side of Bloor Street West, between Jopling Avenue South and Beamish Drive, and north of Dundas Street West. The site is a block and a half west of Kipling Avenue (across which the new Etobicoke Civic Centre is to be built), and a block and a half north of Kipling subway and GO station.

Location of the site, image from submission to the City

The site is approximately 5.38 acres in size, and besides the Six Points Plaza, is also occupied by a single detached dwelling that is being used for commercial purposes. The site has approximately 90 metres frontage along Bloor Street West, and approximately 148 metres frontage along Dundas Street. Most of it consists of surface parking lot for the plaza.

What is proposed for the site are seven towers designed by IBI Group, ranging from 10 to 45 storeys, of mostly residential space. It has a proposed FSI of 6.71. The design employs a mixture of materials on the exterior, such as glass, brick, aluminum, and concrete. It also incorporates a mixture of fenestration patterns, and vegetative plantings on all sides to enhance its visual appeal.

Looking northeast to the Six Points Plaza redevelopment, designed by IBI Group for Liberty Development

Building frontages and tower facades provide recessed balconies in a rhythmic pattern. Building and tower step backs are calculated to maintain sky-views and sunlight access to the public areas surrounding the development. The project's open space network is complemented by landscaped amenity areas or green roofs on its podiums. 

Site plan for the Six Points Plaza Redevelopment, designed by IBI Group for Liberty Development

The proposed development is divided into four development blocks. Block 1 is located east of Jopling, south of a new internal road, and north of Dundas. It consists of 45–storey and 42-storey residential buildings with a total gross floor area (GFA) of 59,457m². The buildings would provide 918 residential units, of which 44 would be studios, 572 would be one-bedrooms, 175 would be two-bedrooms, and 127 would be three-bedrooms. Block 1 would also provide outdoor amenity space at grade, and on the roof of its podium.

All four proposed Blocks visible, designed by IBI Group for Liberty Development

Block 2 is located along the eastern limit of the site, immediately north of proposed parkland along Dundas. It consists of a 30–storey residential tower and 10-storey mixed use building with a total GFA of 31,554m². The buildings would provide 451 residential units of which 24 would be studios, 287 would be one-bedrooms, 93 would be two-bedrooms, and 47 would be three-bedrooms. The 10-storey mixed use building would provide 1,125m² of at-grade non-residential GFA along Bloor Street West.

Block 3 is located along the western limit of the site, immediately south of Bloor Street. It consists of a 10-storey mixed use building and 25-storey residential tower with a total GFA of 26,859m². The proposed building would provide 333 units of which 14 would be studios, 209 would be one-bedrooms, 64 would be two-bedrooms, and 46 would be three-bedrooms. The 10-storey mixed use building would provide 4,161m² of non-residential GFA along Bloor Street West within two levels. 

At-grade level of the new development, designed by IBI Group for Liberty Development

Block 4 is located along the western limit of the site between blocks 3 and 1. It consists of a 35-storey residential building with a total GFA of 28,197m² . The proposed building would provide 428 units of which 22 would be studios, 270 would be one-bedrooms, 80 would be two-bedrooms, and 56 would be three-bedrooms.

In addition to its towers, the proposed development also includes a public park along north side of Dundas west of Beamish Drive, south of blocks 1 and 2. The proposed park features promenades to provide connectivity throughout its entirety, integrating with the network of proposed paths and sidewalks within and around the site. The park would be primarily soft-scaped through lawns and an abundance of trees and planting beds, and have a total area of 2,309m², represeting about 13% of the total site area.

Public space in the new development, designed by IBI Group for Liberty Development

The proposed development is well situated in terms of accessibility to transit, and is located within walking distance of several bus stops serving areas to the north and south, but more importantly, the site is about 300 metres from Kipling subway and GO stations, and also the Kipling Metrolinx Transit Hub, from where trains and buses all across the central and western Greater Toronto Area can be accessed. 

A total of 914 parking spaces are proposed across the Six Point Plaza Redevelopment of which 645 are for residents' use, 53 spaces are for nonresidential uses, and 216 spaces are for visitors. The proposal also includes 1,652 bicycle parking spaces comprised of 1,476 for residents, and 176 for visitors to the development.

 The site is surrounded by other current high-rise development applications, which include 4 – 8 Beamish Drive which would see a residential tower rising to 35 storeys atop a four-storey podium, consisting of 329 units with a FSI of 13.6; 8 – 14 Jopling Avenue South, which proposes two towers of 35 and 38-storeys, 697 residential units, and 306 vehicular parking spaces; and 5238 - 5243 Dundas Street West which proposes a tower rising to 41-storeys atop a 3-storey podium along, consisting of 378 residential units with a Floor Space Index (“FSI”) of 11.2. Those proposals are not included in the image below, likewise the future Etobicoke Civic Centre is not shown, although other proposed buildings in the area are shown along with existing one. The high-rise cluster on the left of the image below shows buildings near Islington subway station.

Looking southeast to the Six Points Plaza redevelopment, joined by current and future buildings of the area, image by IBI Group for Liberty Development

You can learn more from our Database file for the project, linked below. If you'd like, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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