Plaza Partners is proposing to redevelop the easterly portion of a rental townhouse complex at 390 Woodsworth Road in Toronto's borough of North York. Along its Leslie Street frontage, three new 8-storey, TACT Architecture-designed, mid-rise residential buildings are proposed. The redevelopment would result in the demolition and replacement of 48 existing rental townhomes.

The new development would cover a total of 35,748m² in gross floor area, and contain a total of 379 residential units. The FSI would be 1.69. Two of the new buildings are proposed condominiums, housing 309 residential units, while the third building would be entirely purpose-built rental housing, with 70 units, of which would include 53 rental replacement units. The new development would include two levels of underground parking, a private driveway with access to Leslie Street, and an open space at the corner of Woodsworth Road and Stubbs Drive.

390 Woodsworth Road by TACT Architecture for Plaza Partners, image from submission to the City

The site is currently developed with a townhouse complex known as “Windfield Estates” which consists of 20 two-storey clusters of townhouses comprised of 8 two-bedroom rental units and 72 three-bedroom rental units. There are also mid- and through-block connections that link Woodsworth Road, Stubbs Drive and Leslie Street, and two surface parking lots at the site.

The proposed development would require the demolition of 12 of the existing clusters of townhouses, representing the removal of 48 three-bedroom rental units. The 48 rental units to be demolished would be replaced with 53 new rental replacement units within the purpose-built rental building of the proposed development. Of the proposed rental replacement units, 48 are to be three-bedroom units, 2 are to be two-bedroom units, and 3 are to be one-bedroom units.

In addition to living space, a total of 2,560m² of residential amenity space will be provided, comprised of 763m²​​​​​​​ of indoor amenity space shared between the three new buildings, and 1,800m²2 of outdoor amenity space.

Location of 390 Woodsworth site, image from submission to the City

The site is municipally addressed as 390-400 Woodsworth Road and has a total site area of 21,126m², with frontages approximately 222 metres along Woodsworth Road, approximately 161 metres along Stubbs Drive and approximately 197 metres Leslie Street. The land is irregular in shape, narrowing from north to south, with a curvilinear frontage along the east side of Woodsworth Road. The south lot line borders the rear yards of three detached dwellings on Bannatyne Drive. Otherwise, the subject is separated from adjacent uses by the adjacent streets on three sides.

To the north of the site is a 6-storey rental apartment building known as “Stubbs Apartments” which is municipally addressed as 44 Stubbs Drive. To the east of the site is Leslie Street. On the east side of Leslie Street directly opposite the site is a single-storey commercial strip plaza. To the south of the site, on the north side of Bannatyne Drive, are the three detached houses at 145, 147 and 149 Bannatyne Drive, which back onto the site. And finally, to the west of the site is an established low-rise residential neighbourhood known as “Silver Hills,” which is developed with single detached houses.

390 Woodsworth's proximity to local transit and highway 401, image from submission to the City

The site is very close to the highway 401, which travels east-west across the greater Toronto area, and beyond. From a public transit perspective, the site has good access to existing surface transit services as it located within walking distance to multiple bus stops served by the TTC, and is less than a kilometre from the Oriole GO Station on the Richmond Hill line. The site is also just 1.2 kilometres south of the Leslie subway station on Line 4, which can be reached by Bus Route 51 in approximately 10 minutes.

390 Woodsworth Road by TACT Architecture for Plaza Partners, image from submission to the City

There are two levels of underground parking proposed. A total of 439 spaces will be provided to accommodate both the existing townhouses and the proposed new mid rise buildings. Of the 439 spaces provided, 375 of them will be reserved for residents, with the remaining 64 spaces for visitors. A total of 309 bicycle parking spaces is also proposed, with 280 spaces reserved for long-term parking in the P1 parking level, and 29 spaces allotted for short-term.

You can learn more from our Database file for the project, linked below. If you'd like, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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