Another year gone, another year of growth is on the way. Our annual Growth to Watch For series returns, and this year it is bigger, taller, and more comprehensive than ever before. We bring you every significant development happening across the city, and we'll venture beyond the 416 into the Greater Toronto Area, from projects just proposed, to those advancing their way through the planning process, to those already under construction or about to be completed.

Our count last year totalled 882 projects within Toronto's borders, and the numbers look set to increase once again this year. 2018 was a landmark year that saw several high-profile projects get underway, from Toronto's first two supertall towers beginning construction with The One and Pinnacle One Yonge, to transformative master plans like Mirvish Village and The Well beginning to materialize. TOCore was implemented while Reimagining Yonge was not, and Toronto's remake of its parks and public spaces continues with iconic projects like the Meadoway, the Bentway, and Rail Deck Park.

We released our second report of the year last week covering the West Queen West, Parkdale, Roncesvalles, King West, Liberty Village, and Fort York areas, and there is a lot to look forward to in 2019. We move west for a peek at what's in our second report of 2019, along with details on how to find the full picture.

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This report highlights the wave of change underway in South Etobicoke, an area of the city that includes the high-density Humber Bay Shores district, where Toronto's newest non-downtown skyline continues to grow. Starting from just west of High Park in Swansea, the report follows a winding path heading further west, covering the various proposed and under construction developments along the way. 

Area covered in this Growth To Watch For report, base from Google Earth

Some of the projects covered in this report include Empire CommunitiesEau du Soleil in the Humber Bay Shores area, which features two Richmond Architects and Zeidler Partnership Architects-designed towers at heights of 66 and 49 storeys. The taller of these towers recently topped out at a height of 228 metres, becoming the tallest building in Canada not located in a city's Downtown.

Eau du Soleil's towers dominate the left side of the image, image by UT Forum contributor Keyz

With the Eau du Soleil project set to wrap up this year, the next major development being planned in Humber Bay Shores is the redevelopment of the sprawling former Mr. Christie factory site north of Lake Shore. Site owners First Capital have enlisted UK-based architecture and planning firm Allies and Morrison to plan their development, details for which may emerge this year.

Aerial view of the former Mr. Christie factory site, image by Forum contributor Keyz

Our report covers in detail both the buildings planned for the area and those currently under construction. To get access to it, the enhanced-scope 2019 series is being offered in two ways:

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New GTWF instalments will appear on a regular basis, each covering another section of the Greater Toronto Area. Our next instalment will move north into Etobicoke Centre before moving back east to cover the various neighbourhoods undergoing change along Bloor Street West, including the high-density Humber Bay Shores community. You can subscribe to the year's Growth to Watch For features here. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us here.