The Daniels Corporation is gearing up for the Fall launch of Artworks Tower, the next condominium development to be built at Regent Park, as the Downtown Toronto community continues to be reborn, now in the third phase of its revitalization plan. Dovetailing with the project’s branding which recognizes the area’s arts and cultural scenes, Daniels has transformed part of their Regent Park Presentation Centre at 500 Dundas East into a free art gallery.

Regent Park Rotating Gallery, image courtesy of The Daniels Corporation

A statement from Martin Blake, Daniels Corporation Vice President, underscores the developer's commitment to community art, going above and beyond the municipal requirements. "Since we began the redevelopment of Regent Park, we have highlighted local artists in numerous ways. By allocating the permanent gallery space, we add once again to the social infrastructure that makes Regent Park so special. The artwork exhibited is available for purchase at the artists’ discretion, so the Rotating Gallery also encourages social procurement in the community.” 

The Regent Park Rotating Gallery (RPRG) will feature a new artist every quarter, with Daniels to provide financial support to help featured artists prepare their work, ensuring that all exhibits are at zero cost to the creators. The RPRG's first featured artist is the multi-award winning Mazhar (Muhammad Muzharul Haque), who has called the Regent Park neighbourhood home for almost two decades.

Mazhar (Muhammad Muzharul Haque), image courtesy of The Daniels Corporation

“This painting exhibition ‘Faces of Regent Park’ shows the diversity of this amazing community and how we come together,” reads a statement from artist Mazhar. “It reflects on Human Culture and how that has shaped everything in this world. One painting, ‘Future Reflection,’ envisions my view on how I think Regent Park will be seen in the future. I can’t express my gratitude for this opportunity.”  

The Regent Park presentation centre is soon to be the nerve centre for the Artworks Tower's sales campaign, where visitors will soon learn about the Quadrangle-designed development. Before it's ready for sales though, anyone interested in owning is encouraged to visit the Daniels website to register, or come to the presentation centre for the same purpose, and check out the gallery at the same time.

Daniels Artworks Tower, image courtesy of The Daniels Corporation

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