Just north of Sheppard Avenue in the Scarborough neighbourhood of Agincourt, a pair of adjacent single-storey strip plazas are proposed to be replaced by more intensive developments. The Dragon Centre at 23 Glen Watford—an indoor mall lined with small shops—and the unnamed strip plaza immediate north at 25 Glen Watford, both currently serve the local Chinese community, and have restaurants and services along with the retailers.

23 and 25 Glen Watford Drive, image retrieved via Apple Maps

On the more southerly property which faces onto Sheppard Avenue behind a third strip plaza, the Shiu Pong Group of Companies is proposing two condominium towers to rise from a shared podium. On the more northerly property, BKU Corporation aims to build a retirement residence. Between the two plans, and replacing their separate driveways, would be a new east-west public street, ending to the east in a cul-de-sac where it meets Agincourt Park.

Looking east from Glen Watford at the two sites. The plaza at right is not part of these applications. Image: Google Street View

Plans for 23 Glen Watford Drive have been evolving since 2012, when an application was filed to amend the Agincourt Community Zoning By-law for the site to allow 31 and 34-storey condo towers. The City was opposed to the first application, but a revised proposal has now been submitted seeking two 28-storey towers rising from a shared two-storey podium. The Kirkor Architects-designed twin towers are measured as being 92.15 metres high from ground level on their north side, including 6-metre mechanical penthouse levels, but owing to Sheppard descending to dive under a rail corridor to the immediate east, the buildings would reach 99.6 metres compared to the the bottom of Sheppard.

23 Glen Watford Drive, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

The condominium site would bring 551 homes to the area, with 278 units in the west tower and 273 in the east, in a mix of of 6 studios, 222 one-bedrooms, and 323 two-bedroom units. Ten of the 551 units are two-storey townhomes at grade. The building would be served by 1,412 m² of indoor amenity space on the ground and second levels, as well as 851 m² of outdoor amenity space, including a courtyard at grade between the two towers. Below grade, a three-level underground parking garage would provide 571 parking spaces, consisting of 579 resident spaces, 82 visitor spaces, and 27 spaces serving the retail component. 377 bicycle parking spaces would also be provided. A driveway along the west side of the property would allow the servicing of a potential future redevelopment of the strip plaza site at 19 Glen Watford Drive.

Site plan for 23 and 25 Glen Watford Drive, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

To the immediate north, a rezoning application for 25 Glen Watford Drive made in Summer 2016 by KBIJ Corporation, seeking permissions for an mid-rise retirement home, with retail at grade at the west end. Designed by CXT Architects Inc., the life-lease retirement residence is an 11-storey slab 43.4 metres high, articulated in the middle, with stepbacks at the east and west ends that transition the building's massing down to meet the surrounding scale. The project's 301 seniors' units would come in a mix of 259 single-room units at an average size of 44 m², 30 one-bedroom units at an average size of 65 m², and 12 two-bedroom units at an average size of 95 m². At grade, the building would include a 731 m² retail space facing Glen Watford Drive, while an underground parking garage would serve the building with 117 parking spaces, divided between 90 resident spots and 27 for visitors. 12 parallel parking spots are planned along the new street in front of the residence.

25 Glen Watford Drive, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

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