Shiu Pong

Shiu Pong

For over 50 years the Shiu Pong Group has developed, constructed and managed commercial, residential and industrial real estate properties worldwide.

With it’s origins in Hong Kong, in 1957 the Shiu Pong Group created and developed the first high-rise industrial building in Hong Kong. Other significant developments continued - commercial properties and residential condominiums in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. Shiu Pong Group’s real estate developments in Canada began in 1972, developing, designing, constructing and managing its own portfolio. Subsequently, in-house engineering, construction and management has been broadened to service outside clients.

Toronto real estate developments include: Dragon City, Dragon Centre, The Radius, Mapledale Condominium, Garden Terrace Condominium, Two Twenty Duncan Mill Condominium, Victoria Park Business Centre, Bayview Royal Community and Campus 2000.

Company information

131 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1L7, Canada
+1 (416) 596 8885


Celsius Condo

Celsius Condos, North York, by Shiupong, design by Kirkor Architects
31 Horsham Ave, North York | Shiu Pong
THE PERFECT DEGREE OF LIVING An impression of the ultimate in cool. An expression of North York’s hottest new lifestyle. Celsius. Experience a world of sleek modernity melded with the ... go to project

Design Haus

Design Haus Condos Toronto by Shiu Pong and Kirkor Architects
231 College St, Toronto | Shiu Pong
Design Haus is an artful example of modern design on an intimate scale. Architecturally, the building is an eclectic mix of past and future. Perfectly blending in with the University of Toronto ... go to project