Last week, rezoning and Site Plan applications were submitted to the City of Toronto by Tribute Communities and Greybrook Realty Partners for their joint venture in a redevelopment of the properties at 286 through 294 Main Street. Situated steps south of the Main Street subway station and designed by Turner Fleischer Architects, the proposal would see the demolition of four existing commercial buildings which range from one to five storeys tall. Set to replace them would be a 30-storey mixed-use condominium, with retail and office space incorporated in the lower levels.

Rendering looking southwest to the site, image via submission to the City of Toronto

The tower would rise to a height 323 ft (or 98.5 metres), and have 301 residential units from the 3rd to 30th level. The units are broken down into 106 one-bedroom units, averaging roughly 484 ft², and 195 two-bedroom units that vary around 753 ft². On the third floor, 4,855 ft² of indoor amenity space will occupy the majority of the floor, while 5,623 ft² of outdoor amenity space will be provided. On the floor beneath, the second level (seen in the image below clad in light masonry panels) will see 14,762 ft² of office space added to the Main and Danforth neighbourhood.

Ground realm rendering looking northwest to the site, image via submission to the City of Toronto

On the ground level, 1,187 ft² of retail space would front the Main Street sidewalk to the north, while the residential and office lobbies would be situated centre and south, with the residential lobby and retail space taking advantage of the double-height floor to provide a soaring interior. 363 bicycle parking spaces will be provided on a mezzanine level above the northwest corner of the ground floor, while 114 vehicular parking spaces will be provided in three levels of underground parking, with a few at ground level.

Rendering of the upper levels of 286 Main Street, image via submission to the City of Toronto

The existing public laneway off of Stephenson Avenue to the south is proposed to be widened to accommodate vehicular circulation for parking, loading and waste pick-up. This process would require the detached house addressed at 144 Stephenson Ave to be replaced, which will be subject to a separate development application. On Main Street, landscaping improvements are proposed to create a more pedestrian friendly public realm in front of the building.

Main Street looking west to the existing properties, image via Google Maps

The podium would be faced with dark, warm-toned brick for the double-height first level, and lighter brick on the second level. Windows feature a frit pattern on them to above the 12 metre minimum required by the City. EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system) is proposed for the north and south walls of the podium. The tower would be mostly clad in opaque panels framing punched windows, while a few floors above the podium and at the skyline, window wall with aluminum mullions and glass spandrel panels would set those sections apart.

Additional information and renderings can be found in the project's database file, linked below. Want to share your thoughts on the new proposal? Feel free to leave a comment using the space provided on this page, or join in the ongoing conversation in the associated Forum thread. 

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