The Wellelsey Street East construction site of Plaza's 50 at Wellesley Station is abuzz with activity, as a major undertaking is in process to prepare the site's foundations. When we last checked in on the project at the end of September, the first elements of a rebar cage were evident at the base of the 37-storey Quadrangle Architects-designed condominium tower's excavated pit. In the weeks since, the cage has grown to a massive size, and concrete pouring has commenced.

Construction of 50 at Wellesley Station, image by Jack Landau

The large forest of rebar assembled at the south end of the site is gradually being engulfed with concrete, fed via a large mobile concrete pump housed in a staging area at grade. Immense quantities of rebar are essential in creating strong footings for the combined 40 levels above, including the garage levels.

Foundation being poured for 50 at Wellesley Station, image by Jack Landau

A section of the foundation already in place along the east side of the site provides some insight into how thick the raft slab will be upon completion. Over the course of the next several months, the building's three below-grade levels will be formed. Upon completion of the building, these levels will house an underground parking garage containing 163 parking spaces, divided between resident use and a pay parking lot for the Toronto Parking Authority.

Construction of 50 at Wellesley Station, image by Jack Landau

At the time of our late-September update, crews from Michael Bros. Excavation were in the process of digging out the earthen ramp at the north end of the site. One month later, the ramp is gone and the digging here is nearly complete, leaving heavy construction machinery temporarily stranded at the base of the pit until the tower crane can be installed.

Former site of the ramp at the north end of the site, image by Jack Landau

As construction activity heats up for 50 at Wellesley Station, the neighbouring site of Cresford's Vox Condominiums is making quick progress. The 33-storey architectsAlliance-designed condo tower—which was excavated in tandem with 50 at Wellesley Station—now sits just one level below grade, and will soon rise above street level.

Construction at Vox Condominiums, image by Jack Landau

Additional information about "50" including renderings and several floor plans can be found in the project's dataBase file, linked below. Want to get involved in the conversation? Check out the associated Forum threads, or join in the discussion by leaving a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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