The long-awaited removal of the exterior-mounted tower crane at the Cityzen Development GroupFernbrook Homes and Castlepoint Numa's L-Tower is finally complete. The process of removing the crane began at the start of May, and in the couple of weeks since, several of our Forum contributors have been documenting the milestone event for the 58-storey Studio Daniel Libeskind-designed condominium tower.

The crane in the process of being lowered, May 17th, image by Forum contributor Razz

In a complex process, sections of the crane's mast were removed one by one with the help of a steel jacket fixed to the crane cab and jib assembly, seen in red in the photos, allowing the individual mast sections to be removed as it slowly slid down the mast and surrounded them. After each section of the mast was lowered to the ground, the red housing slide down a couple more floors and the process was repeated.

View of the crane being dismantled from within the building, image by Forum contributor dracolnyte

Two animated GIFs below illustrate the initial phases of the crane lowering from May 2nd followed by a wide view of the entire self-lowering process.

Animated GIF of the crane being removed, images by Jack Landau

Animated GIF of the crane being removed, images by Forum contributor Razz

The final stages of the crane removal involved the closure of an eastbound lane on The Esplanade between Yonge Street and Scott Street, allowing the mobile crane seen below to lower the last elements of the tower crane down to street level.

Final stage of crane disassembly, image by Marcus Mitanis

Final stage of crane disassembly, image by Marcus Mitanis

By the afternoon of May 18, the entire crane had been dismantled, with just a temporary derrick left standing atop the tower. The derrick will be used to lift the Building Maintenance Unit into place. When it is operational, the BMU will then lower the derrick in sections to the ground.

L Tower free of its crane, image by Forum contributor Razz

Additional details including building facts, renderings, and floor plans can be found in our dataBase file for the project, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum thread, or add your voice to the comments section provided at the bottom of this page.

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