Since construction of The High Park began last year, the North Drive Investments condominium development is now over half of the way to its 11-storey final height on Toronto's Bloor Street West. At the time of our previous construction update early last year, demolition cleared the way for the start of construction. Now, over a year later, with an underground garage in place where the excavation pit was, the Quadrangle-designed building is beginning to make an impact just north of the eponymous park. 

The Bloor Street frontage, looking north, image by Craig White

As of late April, construction has reached the seventh floor, where the building's form narrows. From there, the upper levels—which will feature expansive balconies—are set back in an attempt to minimize shadows and visual impact on the surroundings. As the building continues to climb, we can expect to see cladding installation begin over the coming months.

Viewed from the west, the crane rises over Bloor Street, image by Craig White

Although the structure remains a fairly nondescript concrete husk for the time being, the building's façade will consist of a stone-finish cladding, while a composite—technically referred to as a “composite cementitious material”—will be used to replicate a wood-finish for the warm accents. 

A rendering of the completed project, image courtesy of North Drive Investments

Viewed from the southeast, The High Park's narrow Bloor Street frontage compares with a longer eastern frontage stretching north along Parkview Gardens, at the top of which the west entrance to High Park subway station can be found. 

Looking northwest from High Park, image by Craig White

The High Park will feature interiors by Cecconi Simone, though work on the project's interior elements will take place during a later stage of construction. In the more immediate future, however, the building's cladding promises to begin shaping the 11-storey building into a notable presence on the streetscape. 

Framed from the park, image by Craig White

Once complete, the project will add 104 homes to the area, with a 359 m² retail space at ground level, and a landscaped public realm—appointed by Janet Rosenberg + Studio—fronting the building. 

A closer look at the Bloor Street frontage, image courtesy of North Drive Investments

We will keep you updated as construction continues. In the meantime, check out The High Park’s newly updated dataBase file, linked below, complete with several additional new renderings including those which place the building in context across from High Park itself. Want to get involved in the conversation? Join in the discussion on our Forum, or share your thoughts in the comments section provided below.

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