Work continues on the second and third phases of The Daniels Corporation's and Toronto Community Housing Corporation's (TCHC) ongoing revitalization of Toronto's Regent Park community. In the decade since the massive rebuild began, stigmas have been washed away and the area has flourished as new residents populate the community and new buildings continue to rise. One of the final phase 2 developments, Daniels' The Bartholomew, has now reached another milestone, only seven weeks after a tower crane was raised over the site.

Facing southwest across The Bartholomew site, image by Jack Landau

The 13-storey Quadrangle Architects-designed condominium's single below grade floor has been partially completed, and a latticework of rebar has been assembled at the northwest corner of the site, marking the first signs of The Bartholomew's above grade construction. The portion now at grade will form the western end of the northern block of townhomes along St. Bartholomew Street, while the tower will be located at the eastern end of the site, fronting Sackville Street.

Facing southeast across The Bartholomew site, image by Jack Landau

While the northwestern corner of the site now has rebar at grade, the single below-grade level is still some way from completion. At the southwest corner of the site—the location of the southern townhome block along St. David Street—columns for the below-grade level have yet to be formed, while forms can be seen in place for columns at the centre of the south side.

Facing northeast across The Bartholomew site, image by Jack Landau

At the centre of the site's north end, columns for the underground level are in place, while fully formed walls are visible at the northeastern edge.

Facing southwest across The Bartholomew site, image by Jack Landau

The completed development will add 159 condominium units and 30 townhomes to the Regent Park community. Residents will have access to amenities including a party room with a kitchen/bar, a 24/7 lounge, pet spa, landscaped courtyard, and fitness centre, as well as the gardening plots that have become extremely popular in other Daniels Corporation condo developments.

Rendering of The Bartholomew, image courtesy of The Daniels Corporation

The Bartholomew will populate one of the last remaining blocks of land in the second phase of the Regent Park Revitalization. Just across Sackville Street, to the east of The Bartholomew site, shoring work has commenced on another remaining plot at Block 24S; the site of the former Regent Park Community Centre, demolished earlier this year to make way for the redevelopment's third and final Phase 2 TCHC rental project. Located directly south of Daniels Spectrum and Paintbox Condos, the 9-storey development will bring an additional 173 rental units to the community, made up of 47 affordable units and 126 RGI replacement units.

Shoring under way on the site of the former Regent Park Community Centre, image by Jack Landau

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