Interest in The Tree House, a stacked townhome project by Symmetry DevelopmentsFortress Real Developments, and Engine Developments, has been high since the presentation centre opened last month. The project's bold form, courtesy of Winnipeg's 5468796 Architecture, is set to bring a splash of contemporary design to the predominantly traditional low-rise Birch Cliff neighbourhood just beyond Toronto's 'The Beach'. As the buzz around the development continues, new renderings have been released depicting the airy private rooftops that some lucky residents will be able to enjoy. 

The rooftop terrace of Block B and the communal greenspace separation, image courtesy of Symmetry Developments

The 39 units within the project are spread out among three townhouse blocks. Each block is a different variation on a common theme, and one of the commonalities lies on the roof. While the town lofts will have their own balcony, patio or backyard, residents of several upper town units will have their own terrace to enjoy.

Blocks A and B will feature rooftop terraces ranging in size from 210 square feet to 350 square feet. Offering unobstructed views of the area, the space is bright, open and flexible. While private, its open-air arrangement gives it room to breathe. "There's a substantial partition in between so sound will not travel so easily," said Sayf Hassan, Founder of Symmetry Developments. "You still have your privacy and you still have the glass guard, but you don't feel fenced in. It's a very open feeling on that roof."

Rooftop terraces provide a bird's eye view of the neighbourhood, image courtesy of Symmetry Developments

Located on Gerrard Street, underground parking eliminates the need for an unsightly lot at grade. That frees up space for greenery, which the project has in spades. Two communal greenspaces will separate the buildings from one another, including a public space at the current termination of Coalport Drive, between what will be Blocks B and C. 

"There should not be a weak unit in the building," said Hassan. "The ground floor units have the volume, so they're loft units. Then they have walkout patios and backyards in the case of the Block C units."

Hassan explained that the rooftop units are usually the most sought after, so the challenge was to create equally desired units on all floors. "Because the entire project has a theme of outdoor space and amenities and communication between neighbours, we've actually focused a lot on the ground floor units. But the rooftop is as equally compelling as the ground amenities." 

Greenspaces separate the blocks from each other, image courtesy of Symmetry Developments

"Units at grade are given their own access to greenspaces. We worked hard to generate a lively ground plane," said Sasa Radulovic, Co-Founder of 5468796 Architecture. "Then the upper units are sort of reaching up into the treetops. That's a good analogy to Tree House. Small balconies off the living rooms can be used in different ways and the rooftop terraces will provide a place for people to connect with the way it's designed, as it overlooks the courtyards. We did everything we could to generate connections between people that live in the project, so you actually get to see everybody and get to know them. They become truly an equivalent to owning a home, as opposed to some condo stuck in the middle of the building." The dkstudio-designed units start in the $400,000s for 935 square feet, and the size ranges up to 1,325 square feet. 

Backyards stretch from units within Block C, image courtesy of Symmetry Developments

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