Throughout the latter half of December, we asked you to vote on your favourite buildings completed in Toronto during 2014. Seven categories covered Commercial, Institutional and Residential developments of different size. Over the holidays we conducted the final round of voting, squaring off the finalists from each category in a poll to determine the single best building of 2014. In the end, it was two buildings that inspired voters equally, with both the L Tower and the Delta Hotel Toronto landing 28.57% of the vote each. The Aga Khan Museum came in a close third with 20.95%. A full recap of the finalists and overall winners for the Best GTA Buildings of 2014 can be found below.

L Tower (left) and the Delta Hotel Toronto (right), image by Jimmy Wu

Category Finalists:

CommercialDelta Toronto Hotel (Southcore Financial Centre) (won category with 49.51% of vote)

InstitutionalAga Khan Museum and Ismaili Centre (Museum component) (won category with 41.18% of vote)

Mid-rise residential, 5-7 storeysHive Lofts (won category with 49.09% of vote)

Mid-rise residential, 8-12 storeysFashion House (won category with 36.51% of vote)

High-rise residential, ComplexesWaterlink at Pier 27 (won category with 48.78% of vote)

High-rise residential, 14-31 storeysIvory on Adelaide (won category with 38.67% of vote)

High-rise residential, 32-78 storeysL Tower (won category with 55.10% of vote)

Overall Winners:

Commercial: Finalist: Delta Toronto Hotel (Southcore Financial Centre) (tied for 1st with 28.57% of the vote)

High-rise residential, 32-78 storeys: Finalist: L Tower (tied for 1st with 28.57% of the vote)

We thank all of our readers who took the time to voice their opinion in the polls, and look forward to another year of impressive city growth.

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