We have been closely following the construction of MetropiaBazisPlaza's Emerald Park Condos, a development comprised of 42 and 33-storey towers by architect Rosario Varacalli. The vibrant green cladding and flared tops of the two towers have captured the attention of many development enthusiasts, adding a distinctive landmark to the North York City Centre skyline. The development recently met a major milestone, with the addition of a two-storey steel hollow structure section truss atop the shorter west tower.

Two-storey steel section atop Emerald Park's west tower, image by sunnyraytoronto

Two-storey steel section atop Emerald Park's west tower, image by sunnyraytoronto

The two-storey steel section continues the signature curved flare that tops each tower, terminating above the mechanical penthouse. The east tower will soon get a steel frame as well, and both will be covered in the ame emerald green glass and spandrel that is being installed all the way up the towers.

Emerald Park and the North York skyline, image by urbandreamer

The now-topped off west tower, along with the soon to top off east tower are making quite the impression from several vantage points around North York, including from Highway 401.

Emerald Park Condos viewed from the south, image by urbandreamer

Forum contributor Jasonzed recently flew a drone high above the construction site for exclusive aerial photography of the Emerald Park site with North York City Centre as its backdrop.

Aerial drone photo of Emerald Park, image by Jasonzed

Once completed, the development will add 564 condominium units and ample retail to Yonge Street just south of Sheppard.

Additional information and renderings can be found in our Emerald Park Condos dataBase file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or voice your opinion in the comments section provided at the bottom of this page.

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