Of the many high-rise condominiums springing up from the ground in Toronto's Entertainment District, UrbanToronto readers have been paying especially close attention to a vitual instant landmark rising beside the Royal Alexandra Theatre named Theatre Park. The dapper 47-storey architectsAlliance-designed condominium tower being developed and built by Lamb Development CorpNiche Development, and Harhay Developments, has been turning heads for the diagonally banded cladding and high quality glazing on its east and west façades.

Theatre Park and surrounding context, image by Forum member Red Mars

The building's slender profile and striking exterior cladding can be seen from many angles around Toronto, and views of the site from various elevated and street-level positions help to illustrate Theatre Park's contextual relationship with its surroundings.

Theatre Park, image by Forum member Ryan_T

Theatre Park viewed from University Avenue, image by Forum member androiduk

Theatre Park viewed from Aura at College Park, image by Jack Landau

The profile of the tower is impressive, but the particular attraction at Theatre Park are the east and west façades. Clad in a reflective blue curtain wall glazing, these glassy walls are overlaid by a lattice of aluminum banding, criss-crossing diagonally, eventually to wraparound via the building's north and south side balconies.

Cladding on Theatre Park, image by Forum member Red Mars

While the alignment of the banding on the tower looks to be perfectly positioned from a distance, a zoomed in view reveals that there is still some tweaking to do before all of the bands line up perfectly.

Close up of Theatre Park's aluminum banding, image by Forum member urbandreamer

Just at the bottom of the next image we can see the first of the bands installed over the concrete edge of one of the lower balconies. With all balcony glazing on the building still to come, the final effect of this modern tracery is still a ways off.

Theatre Park, image by Forum member Red Mars

Way up in the sky however, we have seen the building's mechanical penthouse taking shape, and with concrete work up there essentially complete, Theatre Park is now all but topped off at its final height of 540 feet. 

Mechanical penhouse taking shape at Theatre Park, image by Jack Landau

When complete, the development will bring 236 condominium units to the rapidly transforming Entertainment District. Residents of the condominium will have access to amenities including an outdoor pool and terrace looking south over Roy Thomson Hall. Down at ground level, the building will have a garden forecourt Facing King Street and the Royal Alexandra Theatre, while a restaurant and bar will augment the public realm in the popular area. 

Theatre Park, image by Craig White

Additional information and renderings on Theatre Park be found in our dataBase file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion of the project? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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