Work continues on the second phase of TCHC and The Daniels Corporation’s massive redevelopment of Regent Park. The transformation of this once undesirable neighbourhood has come in the form of new community facilities, green spaces and most importantly, re-envisioned mixed-income residential developments, both affordable units and market condos.

Daniels' One Park Place is one of the market condo complexes. Construction is progressing on the second phase of the Hariri Pontarini-designed complex, which includes an expanded podium and the south tower. The tower will soon top out at 29 storeys, becoming the tallest building in the Regent Park community. The pair of towers share a unique cladding system, with an approximate 60/40 split of aluminum spandrel to vision glass, making both an architectural statement on the skyline and presenting a better-insulated face to the elements.

One Park Place North (left) and South (right), image by Craig White

The 25-storey first phase of the project has had a positive reception since occupancy began, and construction on the south tower is currently on schedule for 2015 occupancy. Work on it has now reached the residential penthouse level, and will soon move on to the tower's mechanical penthouse level above. 

One Park Place South Tower, image by Jack Landau

Glazing installation is progressing up the south tower, with ten floors remaining to be clad, followed by the double-height fin wall which will soon rise around the mechanical penthouse level. In the image below you can see panels of aluminum cladding and window glazing awaiting installation on the yet-to-be clad upper portion of the tower.

Cladding rising on One Park Place's South Tower, image by Jack Landau

Once completed, One Park Place's south tower will be nearly identical in appearance to its slightly shorter sibling located to the immediate north.

One Park Place North Tower viewed from the south tower's penthouse level, image by Jack Landau

At the top of the south tower, crews continue to prepare the concrete formwork for the building's final residential level and mechanical penthouse level above.

Construction on the south tower's residential penthouse level, image by Jack Landau

Back at street level, masonry installation is ongoing on the podium's south side. Like the first phase of the complex, One Park Place South's podium levels are being clad in a combination of vertical white precast piers and red brick.

Masonry cladding installation on the south side of One Park Place's south tower, image by Jack Landau

There is a whole lot more to see at the One Park Place complex, so we will return tomorrow for a look inside the building, both in areas still under construction as well as what has already been opened.

Looking down at One Park Place's outdoor amenity areas, image by Craig White

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