Last week, we reported on the glazing that has begun to be installed on Plaza’s Ivory on Adelaide project. Over on the corner of Yonge and Gould Street, Ryerson University’s new Ryerson Student Learning Centre has also started to have its unique glazing installed.  

Ryerson Student Learning Centre viewed from corner of Yonge and Gould Street, image by JPbombales

The Snøhetta and Zeidler Partnership Architects-designed Student Learning Centre is arguably one of the city’s most interesting and impressive current construction project thanks to its irregularly shaped floorplates, open and barrier-free interior, and of course the “dazzling” transparent glass façade that will soon wrap around the ultra modern structure.

First panels of glazing installed on Ryerson Student Learning Centre, image by JPbombales

As the building progresses closer to its final height of eight storeys, we are beginning to see the first set of these fritted glass panels put into place. Recent photos reveal the puzzle-like, abstract pattern on the glass. The mismatched arrangement of the puzzle pieces might lack cohesion to some eyes in this early stage, so it will be interesting to see how the look of the façade evolves as more of the building’s glazing is installed. The design is created by fusing a ceramic frit layer on the the glass. While providing some translucency, the mostly opaque frit also cuts down on heat transference, adding to insulation capability.

Elsewhere on site, we snuck a peek through an opening on Gould Street, where some of the various slopes, angles, and ceiling heights of the interior are visible.

Ryerson Student Learning Centre Yonge Street Frontage, image by JPbombales

Concrete forms and scaffolding inside the Ryerson Student Learning Centre, image by JPbombales

Ryerson Student Learning Centre Rendering, Image courtesy of Ryerson University

Stay tuned to UrbanToronto as we continue to follow the progress of this exciting development. For more information, including building facts and renderings, check out our dataBase file, linked below. To join in on the conversation, choose the project's associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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