Aura at College Park holds many titles for height; it is the tallest construction project currently underway in the city, contains the highest floor count in the country, and once completed will be the tallest all-condominium development on the continent. Soon to be Toronto’s third-tallest building as measured by roof height, Aura has also garnered much attention on the UrbanToronto Forum, consistently amongst our most popular Forum threads for months now, and taking top spot for the month of October

Aura at College Park, image by Jack Landau

In preparation for our long awaited tour of the behemoth at Yonge and Gerrard, we held a contest on Instagram, inviting followers to submit photos of their view from home or work and compete for the chance to slip into safety boots and a hardhat to ascend Aura on an official tour with UrbanToronto.

Looking down the south face of Aura, image by Jack Landau

Instagram user “msegden”, better known as Mike Egden was selected as the winner, and earlier today he and friend Marcin Korbut accompanied UT staff and host Riz Dhanji, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Canderel, on a trip to the building’s upper floors for some panoramic views of the city, as well as a rare look inside the under-construction tower.

Mike Egden (L) and his guest, Marcin Korbut (R), image by Jack Landau

Our visit coincided with this afternoon's dramatic skies and a significant wind. Below is one of the Instagram pics that Mike put up from today's visit.

View of Toronto skyline from Aura's upper terrace, image by Mike Egden

On Monday, we will have a lot more of the city to show you from up here, and we will also show you some of Aura's inner workings too, plus answer a number of questions that UrbanToronto Forum contributors asked us to put to our hosts. Until then, check out our dataBase file for Aura, linked below, and you can always get in on the discussion via our associated Forum thread links.

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