While the UrbanToronto Forum has become best known as the premiere source for breaking development, real estate and construction news, a growing population of photographers have been drawn to the forum to share their take on our transforming city. The ‘City Photos and Videos’ section of our Forum has seen a substantial spike in traffic over the past year, and the recent influx of outstanding photography being submitted has made it a pleasure to select our 'Photo of the Day'.

As a way to say 'Thank You' to our valued photographers, and as a way to give you some more 'wow' moments, we will be featuring a selection of the work of one photographer from our Forum each week! Our first featured photographer is long time Forum contributor ‘Udo’.

Fireworks over Harbourfront, image by Udo

Udo has been sharing his work on the Forum for a few years now—using a Nikon D300, as well as a Lumix FZ60 for telephoto shots—for all those with a technical bent. When Udo's daughter bought into Vu Condos pre-construction, Udo started taking photos of the project, and luckily for us, used UrbanToronto as an outlet for his talent.

Vu Condos, image by Udo

When Cityzen and Fernbrook’s L Tower started to climb above street level last year, Udo’s amazing photos, made all the more unique by his advantageous position in a condo overlooking the site, have been engaging Forum readers on a level achieved by few other contributors.

View of L Tower and downtown Toronto, image by Udo

Detail shot of L Tower, image by Udo

As a building that he sees on a daily basis, Udo has fallen in love with the L Tower’s unique architecture, and in addition to the photos shot from his condominium, he also gets plenty of great photos from the walkable blocks in the immediate vicinity.

View from Front/Wellington/Church intersection, image by Udo

L Tower and 25 The Esplanade, image by Udo

An admitted photography lover, Udo is also a big fan of post processing techniques such as tone mapping and faux-tilt-shift effects.

Faux tilt shift effect, image by Udo

Tone mapping effect, image by Udo

We will return next week to feature another photographer from our Forum. If you would like to be featured, grab a camera and get to work, then post your content in the Forum to give us a taste of Toronto through your eyes!

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