When passing by or staying the night in a large hotel — such as the Four Seasons in Toronto — one rarely stops to ponder the inner workings of such an institution. The staff and activities which help run the hotel are out of sight, hence out of mind, to visitors. The amount of effort put into ensuring things run smoothly is never put to question. Despite the normally calm and luxurious atmosphere at the Four Seasons, the work involved in the day-to-day operations comes with great stress and strain. If you're curious to see how much responsibility revolves around a grand hotel, put yourself in the shoes of those who run the Four Seasons and watch Discovery Channel's Season 3 premiere of Nerve Center tomorrow at 9pm ET.

Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Toronto, image courtesy of Four Seasons

For those unfamiliar with Nerve Center, it's a program which takes an in-depth look at the mechanics behind large institutions, who runs them and how. Evident in its title, the show emphasizes the fact that great responsibility, nerves and stress are an active part of keeping an institution going strong and revolves around the pressure that managers and workers must tackle on a daily basis.

Nerve Center, image courtesy of Discovery Channel

Tomorrow night's episode of Nerve Center is set to feature the inside of the Four Seasons hotel from the general manager's, chairman's and staff members' perspective. Specifically focusing on the brand new 55-storey Four Seasons which opened its doors in October 2012, the show will present the high points and low points the general hotel manager, Dimitrios Zarikos, must face. In one day Zarikos may have to deal with several tasks such as tending to staff uniforms, choosing tabletop designs and organizing guest amenities. Coupled with the constant watchful eye of the hotel's founder and chairman, Isadore Sharp, it's no wonder that Zarikos is under some serious pressure!

If you want to check out the amount of work and responsibility that goes into managing the grand Four Seasons hotel in Toronto, tune into the program tomorrow on Discovery Channel at 9pm ET, and see what it's like to be Dimitrios Zarikos for a day.

For more information check out the show's page and watch the teaser for tomorrow night's episode here.

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