Some developments in Toronto seem to captivate people more than others. Factors that influence the attention paid to any particular development include location, size and significance, impact on the neighbourhood or the city at large. Aura at College Park by Canderel Stoneridge is just one such development that UrbanToronto readers can't stop talking about. With access open to the public with the Shops At Aura, we are sure to get a lot more talk and photos of this landmark development. 

Aura at College Park, image by urbandreamer

Aura at College Park, image by caltrane74

The Graziani and Corazza Architects-designed Aura is in a very desirable location at the northwest corner of Yonge and Gerrard is close to transit, shopping, schools, entertainment and the financial district. It is one of the most significant residential developments in Toronto's history, as it will become Canada's tallest residential tower at 78 storeys when it is comlete in 2013. Its impact on the neighbourhood and the city is twofold; it will be by far the tallest tower north of Queen Street and it will bring thousands more residents and shoppers to the neighbourhood, in addition to the dominant position it will hold on the city's skyline.

Aura at College Park, image by Jack Landau

Aura at College Park, image by Jack Landau

Aura is about halfway to its maximum height, with 40 storeys already finished. The step-backs and more intricate design details are yet to come as the tower makes its way to 895 feet above Yonge and Gerrard. It will be tall enough to compete for skyline space with the bank towers to the south, as Aura will be just seven feet shorter than the Scotia Tower and less than 100 feet shorter than the recently-rejuvenated First Canadian Place

Aura at College Park, image by Jack Landau

Shops at Aura at College Park, image by urbandreamer

The first of the Shops At Aura have opened for business in Aura's podium, with major retailers Bed Bath & Beyond and Marshall's anchoring the podium's 35,000 square-foot shopping complex. Some of our Forum members have been able to snap some interior shots of the Shops at Aura, giving us one of our first real glimpses into the interior design and layout of the Aura that will be open to the public. 

Interior access point to Shops At Aura: Fireproof crash doors separate College Park's PATH network from its extension into Aura's lower level shops.

Shops at Aura at College Park, image by DowntownTO

Lower level condominium retail units have yet to be occupied:

Shops at Aura at College Park, image by urbandreamer

In front of the entrance to Bed Bath & Beyond on the second level:

Shops at Aura at College Park, image by steveve

The area immediately surrounding the Aura is getting a facelift, with a multi-million dollar renovation planned for the Delta Chelsea Hotel right across Gerrard Street. In addition, just this week the City of Toronto announced that it will be using $3 million in Section 37 funds provided by Canderel Stoneridge to renovate College Park and the Barbara Ann Scott Skating rink adjacent to the Aura.

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