Over the past few days we've seen a flurry of shutterbug activity over at Aura condos, and rightfully so. The cladding process is following close behind the construction of the tower floors, and, as the podium is wrapped in glass, we have a better idea of how the building will meet the street. Developed by Canderel Stoneridge, Aura features designs by Graziani + Corazza Architects. Forum members cruzin4u and caltrane74 bring us today's images.

Aura condos southeast corner, image by cruzin4u

The southeast corner of the project features a dramatic cut-out, which has now received what looks to be the cinder blocks on the upper two-storey level. The tower than begins to rise from the podium — balconies have already been constructed on the tower base which is now complete, and work has begun on the tower proper. From today onwards we can expect the construction process to pick up speed, as these floors are fairly repetitive.

Aura from Yonge Street south of Gerrard, image by caltrane74

The above image was taken from Yonge Street just south of Gerrard. Aura dominates the view, towering over the two- and three-storey buildings that line Yonge. 

Yonge street retail spaces at the base of Aura, image by cruzin4u

The base of Aura will contain retail fronting Yonge Street and Gerrard — the image above shows five retail spaces under construction on Yonge.

South facade of Aura looking up, image by cruzin4u

We'll wrap up with an image looking up the tower from Gerrard Street. Forum members remain divided on the glass being used and the redominance of window mullions, however a few seem to be changing their minds as construction progresses. For project renderings, head over the dataBase link to Aura below. Let us know what you think of the project so far in the comments section, or join the discussion on the associated project thread.

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