Toronto has been watching the development of The L Tower for a few years now, with plenty of activity on the construction site being recorded by UrbanToronto Forum members eager to capture the unique project as it develops. A few days ago Forum member Atlantis snapped a few shots of the first glass windows being installed on the western facade.

First piece of glass installed on the L Tower, image by Atlantis

Current construction progress, image by Atlantis

Disembarking from the typical grey, black or silver cladding we see applied to most projects in the city, the glass shown above is surrounded by a bluish-grey metallic spandrel, which is sure to create quite an impression when applied to the entire structure. While it's still too early to make any (justified) judgments regarding the materiality and it's final appearance, it looks as though developers Fernbrook, Cityzen and Castlepoint are off to a good start.

Up close and personal with the glass before application, image by Atlantis

South-West corner of the tower, image by Atlantis

You can bet UT Forum members are debating the choice of material intensely. While many applaud the unique colour choice, others are taking a slightly more critical stance on the perceived "cheapening" of the building's material.

Let us know what you think of the developer and architect's choice of glass and spandrel — do you think it's too far out there, or is it a welcome addition to the Toronto skyline? Leave us a comment below, or join the discussion on the project and construction forum here. Check out the dataBase listing below for more great renderings of the L Tower.

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