One of the most anticipated and talked-about projects currently in development in the city is situated in the heart and soul of downtown Toronto, at the corner of Front and Yonge. As many of you are already well aware, or have at least hopefully noticed as you walked by, Castlepoint, Cityzen and Fernbrook's illustrious L Tower is making great process. Designed by the world-renowned starchiect Daniel Libeskind, the construction of the tower has had a history of steady feedback and postings on the UrbanToronto forum, clearly illustrating its prominence as a hot topic. 

Page+Steele/Daniel Libeskind's old night-time rendering of L Tower in Toronto by Castlepoint, Cityzen and Fernbrook.

UrbanToronto has some of the most up-to-date construction pictures of L Tower, capturing just about all angles (literally) of the project:

Aerial view looking eastward at the many towers that line the Gardiner and VIA Rail/GO train tracks, image by Jasonzed

Aerial shot looking down at L Tower in downtown Toronto, image by Jasonzed

Construction crane at the site of L Tower near the ACC, image by Jasonzed

Looking at "L" part of L Tower on Yonge Street, image CanadianNational

Corner that many Torontonians have come to recognize to be the L Tower, image by androiduk

South side looking east at L Tower across the street from 25 Esplanade, image by CanadianNational

Looking up at the L Tower on a Saturday night, image by udo

Many Torontonians were introduced to Libeskind's work by way of the controversial Michael Lee-Chin crystal installation as part of the ROM. The installation incited much debate and polarizing viewpoints among industry professionals and citizens alike — you either loved it or hated it.  

So far, the general consensus on the UT Forum is that everyone, critics and supporters, are excited to see the final outcome of the L Tower. Check out this cool video made by UT Forum member, udo, capturing the ongoing construction at the corner of Front and Yonge.

For those who have recently checked out the L Tower site up close, you have probably noticed those large burgundy panels that are surrounding the upper levels of the building. According to udo, those plywood panels are "protection from danger" enclosing the slab edges on the upper floors. Site personnel are secure against falling and protected against strong winds when working at great heights. In addition, the enclosure keeps them from dropping loose materials off the side of the building, enhances the feeling of safety for site personnel and increases the work productivity at great heights."

The "L" part of the L Tower plus danger protecting panels, image by UT Forum member, RedMars

The use of danger protecting panels that are used during the construction of L tower, image by UT Forum member, udo

We're excited to see the progress of L Tower and will continue keeping a close watch on what the final year of construction will bring to this project. High expectations and big money are all on the line. Will Libeskind and the L Tower deliver? See what everyone else is saying and join the popular ongoing discussion on the UT thread here. For the specs and details about L Tower, check out the UrbanToronto dataBase page for the project here.  For you keeners out there, stay tuned with the step-by-step construction plans and progress on the L Tower here.  

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