Streetcar Developments and Dundee Realty are gearing up to release The Carlaw, a new development at 345 Carlaw Street, bordering Leslieville and Riverdale.

Image from Google Maps

The L-shaped project consists of a 12-storey building designed by Tact Architects, with interiors by Tact Design. The building's architecture is visually-diverse, offering uninterupted glass curtain walls, wrap-around balconies, and brick accents at the north and east ends of the intersecting volumes.

The Carlaw, Image Courtesy of Streetcar Developments

The building will join other condominium developments being built in the city's east-end, taking advantage of the former warehouse redevelopment sites, uninterupted views of the downtown core, and a general upsurge of interest in Leslieville and Riverdale, with new restaurants, shops and business flooding in. The relatively large size of the building, including townhomes in the northeast portion of the site, signals a shift from the more intimately-sized developments that have been popular throughout the neighborhood.

The Carlaw, Image Courtesy of Streetcar Developments

The Carlaw adds yet another east-end condominium to Streetcar's project list; one of the first developers to start building condos in the area, Streetcar can be seen as being partly responsible for kicking off the district's revitilization, and sparking interest in an area that had largely been overlooked.

You can find more details about The Carlaw in our dataBase listing for the project below. If you want to join the discusson about the project, choose the forum links below.

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