The end has finally arrived for the historic Workmen's Compensation Board Building located at 90 Harbour Street, although a certain famous graffiti artist may have had the last laugh.


Image by drum118


Image by Jasonzed

Most recently OPP headquarters, the long vacant building and lot was sold to the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) and Menkes Development earlier this year. Very carefully, ProGreen Demolition began their hired task this summer with one specific instruction; preserve the graffiti on one of the north facing pillars. The image was created by Banksy, the world-renowned British street artist.

Banksy's image (seen below) is of a security guard holding a leashed pink balloon dog.

Banksy's Policeman with Balloon Dog

Menkes has decided tol preserve the piece, but has not finalized any future plans for it. The pillar, one of the last items standing on the fenced-in construction site, has sinced been removed and put into storage. Menkes has yet to announce their development plans for the site.

Image by Jasonzed

Many thanks to David Topping and his article for the inspiration for this story. 

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