Back on May 26 we profiled the beginning of demolition at Five St Joseph condos. Today in a quick update we show the current status. 

Photo by thecharioteer

The photo prompted Urban Toronto forum member cdr108 to ask:

So how do they prevent the buildings from falling down?
I don't see any form of bracing and what happened to the basements?

Forum member thecharioteer, who is involved with the project responds:

What are being demolished are the numerous additions that have accumulated over the decades behind the original 19th century buildings. These buildings have their own structural integrity and don't need to be braced. The facade of 5 St. Joseph, however, will have to be supported when the building behind it comes down.

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Graywood Developments and MOD Developments are developing the 45 storey condo with design by Hariri Pontarini Architects. Find more details on the project in the new dataBase listing. Floorplans were just added yesterday. 

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