There's a new condo coming to Dundas Square which is causing quite a bit of conversation within the Urban Toronto forums currently. A 39 storey mixed-use building is planned for 252 and 258 Victoria Street. Commercial office space would occupy floors 1-16, with 245 condo units occupying floors 17-35. Parking for 196 cars would occupy 5 underground levels.

Early renderings show this Diamond + Schmitt Architects design. Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects and heritage preservation experts ERA Architects are also onboard. Word is that changes may be required by the City's Design Review Panel.

A signficant component of this project is the restoration of 19 and 21 Dundas Square: these are historically designated 1913-built Hermant and 1930-built HNR buildings. They will remain office as and retail space.

From left to right; HNR and Hermant

What is causing controversy now is that the heritage designated 6-storey Hermant Annex at 258 Victoria, along with 2-storey 252 Victoria, will be demolished for the new tower.

Photo by tapesonthefloor

There are those on the forum who lament this loss: they feel that more and more of our history is slowly disappearing. And this building was historically designated for a reason after all.

There are others who don't see this as a big deal: they feel that as the new tower plan will restore 19 and 21 Dundas Square, sacrificing 258 Victoria is a small price to pay for this.

We are somewhat torn about this ourselves. What do you think? Tell us here, or within the forum itself.

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