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Which would you choose: Sheppard Subway or Eglinton LRT?

sheppard or eglinton?

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Well I agree that the eglinton SRT connection should happen soley on the fact that I dont think the Eglinton East of Kennedy LRT will never happen in the next 30 years. As a result, although not many people would benefit from the continuous line I am sure that at least some people would. Think about it, Jane and Don Mills must be a priority before that other Eglinton LRT line... Id actually venture to say so would a Lawrence and a Kipling?islington LRT. I simply cant understand how the proposal ever made sense. As a result the crosstown line should at least connect and go as far as it can as one continuous route...
I don't really see the need either, but there were quite few fok here earlier talking about how having LRT from Kennedy to Scarborough Centre was going to create an unnecessary transfer and that there should be through operation at Kennedy to prevent Transit City becoming Transfer City.

Actually, I thought you were one of them ...

I'm against unnecessary transfers, like those caused by things like the sole existence of the SRT, or the Sheppard Stubway being stubbed permanently with a SELRT and having 3 modes of transit on one route.

FYI I've never supported joining the ECLRT with the SRT, as far as I recall, because I've never supported Mk II as best as I can remember.

I would leave the ECLRT plan as is because it's the only part of TC that makes any sense (being one long line using the same technology along its length from Pearson to Kennedy). Why would you connect STC to it? STC isn't along Eglinton. It's near Sheppard. If anything, you would connect STC with Sheppard (subway). Better yet, with the SRT's useful life coming to an end, bring the subway to it and people who want to travel from Pearson to STC can do by transferring at Kennedy to the subway. I consider that an acceptable transfer because they're different routes. Plus ECLRT is long enough as it is.