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Weston Village

Weston Village

Thanks Darkstar416 -- talk the talk but walk the walk, is my motto. It is exhausting trying to run a business as well as participate in committees to make your community a better place when you read these blogs and wonder who these people are taking cheap shots at people who actually made the investment into the community even though it might not be everything we hoped for. Do they shop locally, do they get involved, etc.? It is a curiousity. At least Artcube was trying to make a difference even if in the end they aren't successful.

And to answer you regarding Starbucks since you made comment: we are looking for ANY and ALL name companies to take the chance, have some vision and plunge into our community. They did it in Parkdale and Leslieville. Why is there a Starbucks at Keele and St. Clair? We have tried encouraging local folks who have hinted at their desire to open a business to do so. Starbucks was the convenient name for the article. If you know of any interested entrepreneurs, we can pretty much guarantee that an independent coffee house will go over very well in the community! We might not be the hip and cool community yet but we were the Bloor West of our time and the destination community for a great number of years before being slagged by the powers that be.
Weston Village

I was in my store when the movie was being shot -- if I had known that Sandra Oh would be such a big star, I would have gone out to get her autograph!

And, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was also shot here (restaurant scenes were shot from the old Kresge's that was remodeled) and they donated money to the Santa Claus Parade.

Lots of other movies and series shot in Weston over the years -- Elwy Yost is a Weston boy too!
Weston Village

p.s. did not know that Weston was in Robertson Davies' book -- will have to search for it as I have a copy here...
Weston Village

speaking of Elwy ... we are trying to create our own 'Saturday Night At the Movies' ... look for it soon we hope!
its official Weston (Jane/Lawrence location) has the most guns calls in the GTA for the last 5 months.I have a lot of cop friends from 12 Division and 31 Division , got the info from them,heck this month alone (August) had 26 related gun calls and 6 shootings around Weston/Lawrence/Jane..known as the triangle of death by them.Of course 31 division handles the Jane/Finch area also which is VERY quiet.It seems their gangs and drug task force scare all the gangsters to Jane/Twethewey and Lawrence area.You wont find the Abercombie and Fitch crowd walking on Jane at midnight for sure.:D
Johnny Bower

Johnny Bower, former Toronto Maple Leaf and Weston resident, will be in Weston signing copies of his new book "The China Wall" on November 1st, 2008, between 10am-12pm. Possible early Christmas gift?

For more info, or to pre-order your book, please call 416-241-5801. Proceeds to benefit the Weston Heritage Conservation District.

Peters BarberShop
4 John Street, Weston, M9N 1J3
Weston Rd, one block north of Lawrence Avenue
some of the "elite" people of the sports world and business world use to be in Weston also,around the Twethewey and Blackcreek area where the huge houses are hidden behind Blackcreek.Now look at it now.:(..
Another asphalt desert with big box stores is not needed. Those stores pay low wages, okay for single high school and university kids to pay their way, but not to raise a family. We need to return industry to the area.
I hope it will not be another Leslieville experience.