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Wealthsimple Stadium (Ad Company Geniuses, 0s, Août Poisson Architects)

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The lot where Toyota is is to small for a stadium. You need a lot the size of Coronation park to make it work. Look at the size comparison on google, there is not much room left downtown for a stadium. Even the Portlands are a tight fit.

If it is an e-sports stadium it will have a much smaller footprint. The one in Philadelphia gives you an idea:


It's like a few 10K sq. ft., seats what, 3.5K.

Jeez... as if Portland didn’t have enough traffic congestion as it is.


I find it hard to believe that this could make more money than a condo. So maybe the property owner is going for both. Expect this to be an imagining by an artist, not an architectural rendering.

The actual design will likely be a pair of condo towers in the lot from Front to Wellington with a 3000-4000 person venue in the podium.
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