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Watched threads not showing in notifications


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Apr 19, 2022
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I'm subscribed (without email) to a number of threads, and lately I'm noticing I'm not receiving many notifications of new activity in those threads (via bell icon above). Is this a known issue?
To add.... I do get some; but far from all. I usually have to browse through the forum to see unread threads. Indeed shows the unwatch button confirming I'm watching...
If you need examples... I watch the VIA rail thread and it didn't show up in notifications at all at any point today. I only see it in the 'what's new' section. I can provide more if needed.
I have email notifications. Works fine on laptop but when I am logging in from mobile I often get logged out and notifications stop. I use Chrome on both laptop and mobile. It’s been an issue for a long time.
This is kind of a hijack because I can't make a thread but my member bio updates are stuck on Sept 1st?

I see no issues on my end. Anybody else? Note you need to be logged in to see them.
Over the years I have watched and unwatched The One (1 Bloor W) a number of times. For the last year or more I can’t get it back on my watched thread list. It has been over a year. I believe The Well was like this too but I got it back on my watched list somehow.
Any progress on this? Another example today there were plenty of updates in the eglinton lrt forum and I was about to post something to discover it had already been posted yesterday...