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UrbanToronto Rules Of Conduct

Edward Skira
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Apr 22, 2007
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UrbanToronto Rules Of Conduct

We think UrbanToronto is a wonderful resource and we want it to continue to grow. However, as in any community, anarchy can result without rules. These are the new UrbanToronto Rules of Conduct. Please familiarize yourself with these rules.


- Only one username per person.
- Username may not contain special characters or non-English characters, only letters and numbers.
- Anything offensive or related to spam etc. is not allowed in the username.
-- Names of public figures (if you are not that public figure), or names that associate you with a company or program if you are not employed as their spokesperson, or names that act as advertising for you/your business, eg. names such as Angela Merkel, Money Mart, TO Live, or john@johnrealty are not allowed.
- Avatars and signatures must be in compliance with the overall tone of the forum and within the guidelines set out by these rules and those found in the posting guidelines.

The determination of appropriateness will be done by the administrators and moderators. Users not complying with this policy will be be told to change their name, avatar or signature. Non compliance will result in an immediate banning.

Posting Guidelines
- New members need to have 20 posts before they can start their own thread. This is now physically hardwired into the system to reduce spam.
- Stay on topic. Read the thread subject and previous postings carefully before replying to a topic. There is some room to move around in a thread but keep it to a minimum. We want to have a forum that provides knowledge to its members rather than a soapbox for people who just want to add to their post counts. We will warn you if we think you’re posting too often about nothing. Don’t take it personally. We just want the content to stay strong.
- Make sure your posts contribute something meaningful to the thread.
- Use the English language. If we can’t understand it we will delete it. And use proper grammar. Again if we can’t understand it we will delete it.
- Use the search function before creating a thread.
- When posting copyrighted material please include source, author and a link to the source.
- No sexist, racist or offensive language of any kind will be allowed. Postings of a sexual nature are also prohibited.
- Yelling (YELLING) is not allowed.
- Name calling and other such offenses against other forum members will not be tolerated.

- No trolling, which is to say that a post or an ongoing series of posts of an antagonistic and disruptive nature, including borderline pathological attention to certain threads, which add little new perspective or information, and those which will only serve to needlessly and baselessly provoke a particular member or a group of members, are prohibited. An occasional harsh but fair comment would not be considered trolling.

Media: Photos, Artwork, and Videos
- UrbanToronto reserves the right to use all photos, artwork, and videos posted on the site on other sections of the site and on related UrbanToronto websites. Credit will be given to the photographers/artists.
- Copyright however remains with the photographers/artists in question
- No one has the right to take media posted on UrbanToronto for use elsewhere without the express written consent of the owners of the copyright (photographers etc.)
- Credit to the author of reposted media must be given when the image or video is not the work of the person posting.
- Do not immediately repost images. Although reposting after a gap of several posts is acceptable, it is preferable not to repost images on the same page as the originating post. It is acceptable to repost an image to single out one for comment from a post containing many images.

Real Estate Thread:
- A designated place for discussion of real estate related issues, such as neighbourhood market discussions, questions about purchasing, questions about the general GTA real estate market, and the merits of certain developers, projects, or districts. It may also be a place for common purchasers to discuss their experiences.
- Project and construction threads are intended more for discussion on the progress and method of construction, the merits of site plans and architecture, and local context. Discussion related to real estate or owners' discussions are subject to be transferred to a separate thread in the Real Estate section.
- It is not intended to be place for developers or agents to advertise, nor is it a listing service. However, agents, brokers or developers etc. are welcome to answer questions or contribute to the discussions.
- Explict advertisements will be removed. Repeat offenders are to be banned after a warning. If you want to legitimately advertise please contact us here.

Marketplace Thread:
- A forum for regular UT members to offer or seek specific goods or services in an informal, community setting, such as event tickets, travel, or art. However, as a community resource, it is not intended for spam or advertisements. Only members with 25 or more posts may create their own posting, otherwise this shall be at the approval of a moderator or administrator.
- Explict advertisements will be removed. All offenders are subject to banning.
- UrbanToronto is not responsible for any transactions that takes place between members and members will use this service at their own risk.

- No commercial messages of any kind, nor advertisements are allowed. Again, if you want to legitimately advertise please contact here. If you are unsure whether your post is appropriate, please contact one of the moderators. Inappropriate messages will be deleted without notification.
- Spammers are not allowed on this forum. Posts by spammers will be deleted and the spammer will immediately be banned.
- Click the red triangle in the top right corner of each post to report spam.
- Sending a commercial message using Personal Messaging (PM) without the prior approval of a forum member is considered spam and you’ll be banned for this.


The administrators and moderators of this forum make the rules of conduct. They are also the ones that decide who stays and who goes.

Reasons to be banned
- Spamming
- Ignoring moderator's warnings
- Talking back to a moderator
- Registering under more than one user name
- Registering under a new alias after previously being banned

Banning will normally come after a warning where you will be able to argue your case. The moderators will have final say. The exceptions to this will be for new spam threads or posts, where the moderators will immediately remove the post/thread and have the offender banned without warning, or for repeat offenders.

To an Urban Toronto!

The administrators and moderators.

To contact the administrators and moderators click here.
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musters said:
thanks for being pretentious though. You can get your iPhone on Friday.

"Talking back to a mod" is a bannable offence under Section 8 of the UT code of conduct!

No, really, it is. Don't look at me.

LOL. Nice one!

Being an accessorry to the talking-back-to of a mod will get you time in the Don too, bucko!
Honestly, I dunno, Ed. I know this isn't the thread for it - I looked, and I couldn't see a thread for it - but it honestly seems like a pretty terrible rule.

Not being a jerk in general is a pretty good rule. But having to tiptoe around the moderators? Much as I love the mods here - a fine lot, all of you - I really don't think that's a recipe for a healthy community.
We need to be able to control the members to keep the discussion from going to hell. Telling a mod to go buy an iphone is not going to get you banned but telling them to f-off will. Of course telling another member to f-off will also get you out of here pretty fast.

We are not going to be too heavy handed with this and everyone will be warned first.
If the moderators were selected fom the ranks of those who were only interested in moderating - and not in also making posts - the issue wouldn't exist.
Well Said

Very well said, it's true about spamming with non sense, If your going to post something make sure it's worth it. I know I always make sure it's not spam before posting.

Keep it up - To UrbanToronto

Every forum has a topic pinned that has a link to the rules of conduct thread, however the link no longer works.
what are the rules for using the photos on the forum for personal websites? how do we properly credit the photographers? what if the photographer is unknown?
It seems that some users kept breaking the no offensive language rule in many threads.

I have a suggestion, which may be unpopular: there should be an auto-swear filter. There would be an option to turn it off, but it will be defaulted to on.

*UPDATE* The example has been self-censored.
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I'm not sure how to alert moderators, since the link doesn't work.

As I posted on this thread:

Just reflecting here, I've been called a liar, a hypocrite, an a**hole, deranged, "Ford-like" (in a pejorative sense), linked to homophobia, and an "annoying child". I'm pretty sure I haven't dished out anything nearly as antagonistic in return.

I'm just wondering, since those comments went unmoderated, where the line is.
i am new member of the community and i dont know why i dont have the permission to post stuff in the forum.
Welcome to the forum - please note this rule:

New members need to have 20 posts before they can start their own thread. This is now physically hardwired into the system to reduce spam.