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So, no surprise today as I walk into Hazelton Lanes and see the hoarding on what was Teatro Verde now painted to say TNT 'new concept coming, Spring 2011'............ except maybe that it will take them 8 months to get the unit ready?????? I arrive downstairs........All of Greg Couillard's former restaurant is also hoarded off with 'TNT , new concept coming, spring 2011'

That's a lot of TNT, assuming their keeping what they have upstairs now.

We'll have to see the final layout for them and Whole Foods, but I think the 2 retailers may have 75% of the mall between them when all is said and done.
Signage up in Hazelton Lanes, announcing the Whole Foods expansion into the soon-to-be-former TNT Blu space - it says "Fall 2011".
More info on the Whole Foods thing; Construction is scheduled to start in January.

Whole store is being done.

Construction at night.

There will be an additional entrance facing onto the courtyard at the currently TNT end.
Here it is, the official press release:



Above: Hazelton Lanes new Oval Square designed by Architects Johnson Chou Inc.

TORONTO: Hazelton Lanes Shopping Centre is embarking on an exciting transformation. The centre’s owners, Hazelton Lanes Inc., together with Whole Foods Market and TNT The New Trend have joined forces to re-establish the charming centre as an all year round community hub for Bloor-Yorkville residents and surrounding neighbourhoods. Changes will include a major expansion of Whole Foods via the creation of a 50,000 sq. ft. flagship food emporium to be complete with gourmet take out and dine in facilities; the joining of TNT Woman, TNT Blu Concept and TNT Gallerie into a two-level boutique; and the complete makeover of the shopping centre’s indoor courtyard into a new centre piazza, to be named the “Oval Square”.

“Hazelton Lanes provides the Yorkville community and Torontonians a convenient and well appointed place to shop for their daily needs and services,” says Hazelton Lanes Vice President Edward Liu, “with the introduction of the new Oval Square the neighbourhood will gain a special gathering place which they can access all the year round.”


Designed by award winning Johnson Chou Inc., the Oval Square, located at the south end of the property, will be a model of comfort and sophistication offering visitors a haven in which to relax and unwind. It will serve as the heart of the complex and will feature:

· An architecturally striking balustrade that wraps around the upper level of the courtyard, consisting of mezzanines and a variation of balconies accessible through openings in the archways.
· A new boldly designed curved stairway - to serve as a key landmark for the centre and link the upper and lower potions of the square.
· A variety of seating options to be enjoyed by patrons to the centre including cozy conversation areas with soft seating, built-in lunch bars, community tables and free standing tables as well as wi-fi connectivity.
· A permanent raised platform/seating area that will double as a stage for special events such as celebrity appearances, fashion shows, cooking demonstrations and community events.


Fueled by the explosion of residential growth within the immediate area, the joint 10-million dollar investment for renovations is supported by two of Hazelton Lanes’ key anchor tenants, Whole Foods Market and TNT The New Trend - proving their confidence in the centre as a premium location for business in the Bloor-Yorkville community. In the past eight years the neighbourhood surrounding Hazelton Lanes witnessed a population growth of more than 10,000 people, with a further 30 to 40 per cent increase expected in the next two years (estimate from Bloor-Yorkville BIA).

In 2009 and 2010 alone, almost 4,000 residential units were constructed and marketed in the area (RealNet Canada Inc. Bloor-Yorkville Submarket Report – June 2010). It is expected that once these units are all occupied, the 2 million visitors currently frequenting Hazelton Lanes annually will increase significantly.

Hazelton Lanes primary target group is the “cosmopolitan elite cluster” of Toronto women from 45-65 with an average household income of $190,184 (*Environics Research Group Bloor –Yorkville Shopping Traffic Study Survey, 2005). This target group is made up of baby-boomers who are well educated and informed. Of this group, 86 per cent own single detached homes and 22 per cent reside within the immediate Bloor-Yorkville area. Hazelton Lanes secondary target demographic is the “urban uptown” group of predominately women between the ages of 24 – 35. They are young professionals with disposable income for both quality goods and services, such as spas and health clubs.

Hazelton Lanes Shopping Centre, a hidden gem in Yorkville, continues to offer a mix of retail and services to better serve the needs of an expanding Bloor-Yorkville population who currently rely on the centre for services including: local pharmacy, post office, health clinics, hair salon and spa services, restaurants, grocery store, fitness centre, pet groomer, etc.

Hazelton Lanes Shopping Center - located at 87 Avenue Road Toronto, ON, Hazelton Lanes Shopping Centre has been serving the Bloor-Yorkville community for over 35 years and boasts to be the centre of firsts - home to Canada’s flagship Whole Foods Market (since 2003) and Marina Rinaldi (since 2006 and plus size sister-store of MaxMara); executive fitness centre - The Yorkville Club (a full-service facility with concierge) and as of recent, a new TNT mega clothing emporium. Hazelton Lanes is a community hub and provides services such as 30 minute pet-sitting services, parking and detailing in its underground facility. Hours of operation are Monday – Wednesday 10 am – 6 pm; Thursday 10 am – 7 pm; Friday and Saturday 10 am – 6 pm; and Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm. All statutory holidays (except Christmas Day), 10 am – 6 pm. Hazelton Lanes is accessible via TTC, walking distance from Bay subway line. For more information visit
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First Capital Realty Inc. (TSX:FCR) is acquiring the Hazelton Lanes shopping centre in Toronto's tony Yorkville district, as part of $181 million of acquisitions announced Friday.

The price for Hazelton Lanes is $110 million, which will be paid for with a combination of cash and the assumption of a $58-million debt.

That deal is scheduled to close in October, subject to customary conditions.

First Capital has also recently acquired Macleod Plaza and surrounding land in Calgary for $34.3 million, and the Longstreet Shopping Centre in Edmonton for $16.9 million.

"We are pleased with the acquisition of three properties located in the urban core of Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton, respectively," said Dori Segal, First Capital's president and CEO.

"We see tremendous repositioning and rent growth opportunities in Hazelton Lanes shopping centre and all three properties are exactly in line with our acquisition strategy."

$20M worth of land acquisitions since August
The company also announced it has made about $20 million worth of land acquisitions in several transactions since Aug. 11.

First Canada also announced the sale of the West Lethbridge Town Centre and an adjacent development property and land in Lethbridge, Alta., for $42.6 million.

Segal said "we look forward to redeploying the capital to higher and better uses more aligned with our core strategies."

There was also clarification Friday on how First Capital will be affected by the move of U.S. retailer Target Corp. into Canada, through the acquisition of many Zellers locations.

First Capital said 14 of the Zellers leases have been assigned to Walmart Canada, which will make Walmart one of the company's top five tenants with 18 locations.

Target will lease two former Zellers locations at First Capital properties in Hamilton and Montreal and the real-estate company has secured tenants for a significant portion of the Zellers space at Ambassador Plaza in Windsor, Ont.

"We are pleased with the outcome of our discussions with Walmart, Target and other retailers regarding the Zellers premises in our portfolio," Segal said.

"We are happy to significantly expand our relationship with Walmart and to welcome Target as a new anchor tenant in our shopping centres."
New Tommy Bahama's in Hazelton Lanes (I know - not exactly Dior)

I think they used to have a store on Bloor Street on the Colonnade years ago - wonder if they will do better this time around.