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Jun 22, 2008
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Came across this on Monarch's website, what appears to the be next tower after Nautilus representing the final phase of the Waterview development

Waterview was one of the better projects from Monarch IMO... Nautilus is a downgrade... it'll be interesting to see this
I hope this development is also heavy on the retail like Explorer... We got a beautiful lakeside restaurant out of that project.
I hope/think Monarch is gonna pretty much stick to the Explorer model ...

on a side note, I heard the radio ad today and it describes this project as a 'elliptical tower(s?) with rooftop BBQ terraces that have unlimited views of the lake and the internal courtyard...'

hope to see a rendering soon
Wow...another project on the etobicoke waterfront! Looks like this area should see some new retail soon....with all these new projects on the horizon wouldn't be such a big surprise.
thanks for the info borisp ~

some nice floorplans ... my guess is this would probably be expensive given its right on the lake
don't know if this has been already mentioned, but a 50 storey tower is planned beside Waterscape

i haven't read about it on this forum but yes there are a few proposals for that area... all these highrises will be of narrowed elliptical shape positioned in such a way so that the lake view is not obstructed for surrounding buildings... but this is gonna take a few years...
it's nice to see that there's gonna be a lot of retails along lakeshore/parklawn...
don't know if this has been already mentioned, but a 50 storey tower is planned beside Waterscape

good catch maestro ! didn't realise a PPR was submitted for these abutting lands

Building Application Status
Application: Zoning Review Status: Not Started

Location: 2143 LAKE SHORE BLVD W TORONTO ON M8V 1A1 Ward 6: Etobicoke-Lakeshore

Application#: 08 191284 ZPR 00 ZR Accepted Date: Aug 8, 2008

Project: Multiple-Use Building New Building

Description: PUBLIC - PRELIMINARY PROJECT REVIEW, Due Date is 08-SEP-08, >>Proposal to develop this property with two residential towers and one commercial tower. "Tower A" is 14 storey residential building, "Tower B" is a 50 storey residential building, and "Tower C" is a 5 storey commerical building

This proposed development description resembles my discussions of a potential Conservatory Group development in the Humber Bay Shores neighbourhood ... what do you think?

if it is the same project perhaps MOD can move the related posts?


Has anyone heard news or have any details on this new Conservatory Group project?

I only know it will be located on the south side of Lake Shore Blvd, east of Park Lawn and immediate west of the Nautilus site.

Here is a site plan concept I found from Conservatory's landscape architect website for the project ... my guess would be a tall building (comparable to Nautilus?) at the centre of the site, an office commercial component towards Lake Shore Blvd, and a midrise (~15 storeys) closer to the lake along Marine Parade Drive ... just a thought

thanks borisp ... while I like the geometry (shown on the plans in the PDF), the 3D rendering shows a building that is sorta plain ... as if Monarch didn't put a lot of thought into it ...

by contrast, Explorer (phase 3 towers to the immedate east) seemed much more refined IMO