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June 11
Most equipment, including the shoring rig, has departed the site.
July 2nd
Changes in recent weeks:
1. All the PCL signage from the site fencing has been removed.
2. A new perimeter fence has been installed. The area fronting Bloor has seen the fence moved further north of the trees. The east side fencing has been pushed slightly further west allowing room for the sidewalk.
3. Site trailer gone.
4. That's all folks! This site is DEAD!
Just information update on the database. The information are taken from the minor variance. 2 of the tower storey count changed from 29 & 10-storey to 30 & 11-storeys. Height changed from 98m & 41m to 98.30m & 44.00m. The unit changed from 1023 units to 1135 units. Finally, the total car parking changed from 827 parking to 238 parking.
Drove by this afternoon and was surprised to see some shoring rigs...

Back from the dead??
I forgot to post this last week when I saw 2 shoring rigs on site as well crews.

Was expecting a delay based on the market down turn even though the steel beams were delivery a long time ago.

Will try shooting it this week
Nov 26
Geothermal Drilling Underway For The Site