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I think Metrolinx wouldn’t oppose a small baggage carousel if it comes with all the space that is the VIA concourse. Also with Metrolinx launching longer service like the one to London, it’d give them an option to offer it. Not saying they should/would but just another option.

there’d also be more boarding points and for accessibility, a barrier free access to the concourse without using elevators.
You may need a baggage carousel if you offer checked bags. Has anyone suggested that Metrolinx is intending to do this? I think NOT!
LCBO now open!

Well, not necessarily a food court but a fresh market/marketplace under the Bay Concourse. Unless there's plans for another food court I'm not aware of.

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There is/was a small food court, 'The foodie aisle'.

It soft opened briefly a few months ago.........but then closed again w/on-going pandemic restrictions at the time, GO service reductions and low foot traffic it wasn't doing well.

It will be back though.
Yes the fresh market should be open sometime this year, however I don’t believe any retail locations inside it have been bought out yet (and if I want to be extremely accurate, the fresh market will be underneath the VIA Concourse, not Bay Concourse).
There is a food court under the York Concourse though.
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So based on the retail plan above, here's what we seem to know so far for the Bay Concourse:
416 is Arabica
414 is TD
410 is Decathlon
415, 413, and 411 were merged together for Sephora
409 and 407 seem like they're being merged for the dental office
401 is the LCBO
400 is The Queenston Pub
So that leaves us with 417, 408, 406, 405, and 404 all still unknown. I'm assuming 405 isn't also part of the dental office as the branding for it only seems to go in front of 409-407.