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Great looking signage!

Agreed!! I like how the Thomson Reuters brackets run along the ‘seams’ to match the horizontal seams below the signage. Very clean.
The 1br I posted above has almost 250sf of outdoor space, augmented with these features. Toronto developers just...wouldn't.
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It's worth noting, in that vein, that we're touching 260sf units here...
This is in Metrotown (Burnaby), not downtown Vancouver, so the spaces are bigger.
It's yet to be seen how those moveable glass enclosures hold up over time or whether they become a liability.
Not sure if that would be a strata (condo) responsibility or an owner repsonsibility.
The deep balconies definitely help with sun shading and allow floor to ceiling windows set back in the shade.

Concord has similarly deep balconies at their Brentwood project: