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Enough with the trolling.

Unlike across the street, no part of this site is governed by the Sick Kids helicopter flight path. This could get interesting...

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I assume that the property between Elizabeth and Chestnut would also be part of the disposition?
I can't see anyone rallying too hard to save anything west of the main waiting area of the terminal, it is already heavily modified, and the structural columns could be repurposed. If someone proposed a tower set back on the northwest corner of the block, I could see it getting pretty tall too. But while it isn't in the helicopter flight path, is there anything governing building adjacent to it?
Can't go too tall here I believe cause of its effect on City Hall view corridor, no?
Can't go too tall here I believe cause of its effect on City Hall view corridor, no?

The corridor will, frustratingly, play a role in shaping whatever goes here. Think, for example, of KingSett and Quadrangle's issues with it further north at 700 Bay Street...
It would make a natural heritage podium/lobby for a large tower, ala 88 Scott...
This building would make a good food hall. Great location for it too.

Yep. something different and creative. Selling this to private developers to build a supertall condo development is short sighted as the city grows. The city should be maintaining ownership as overflow for NPS events , as a park, whatever. Maybe lease as small an area as possible to a developer to build another shiny, tall condo tower. (rather not but, some on UT just love those things)
Anything tall here is a bad idea. Can you imagine looking at City Hall from NPS and seeing a huge thing poking up from behind? Silly all around. Protect the vista.

Ooooooooor we can increase the height of City Hall to match a tall building behind it ;)