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Just 2, taken June 15th, 2024:

One of the building:


And one that is the reverse side of @slicecom 's sidewalk photo....

They actually did a pretty good job with the plantings and benches in the courtyard, at least compared to the finishings everywhere else on the building. But no flowers and grasses will save the courtyard from failure because the scale is all wrong. Hanging out there would be like sitting in a panopticon, which is perhaps why I've never seen a single person use the benches. Despite facing south, this courtyard is also very shadowy most of the time. If any of the trees survive to grow large (an unlikely occurrence) this will be a place of eternal darkness, much like Princess St since this building rose past 10 stories.

Not sure this sign was really necessary. The only people who park in the courtyard are construction workers every day. Do they really think regular drivers are going to hop the curb and park in the courtyard? I would have at least waited for it to actually happen before adding the unsightly sign.
Man did project ever turn out good.
It did?

I don't see anything positive about this project, except the profits from the density achieved, and I guess the 'vibe' in the courtyard?
If in the photos above, they just took off the tower portions, this would have achieved a 'meh' for design and an decent, contextually appropriate, built form.
I know sometimes I am a Switzerland booster, but it would be really nice to see some motifs carried forward between builds in a given neighbourhood. I think West Donlands sort of does this, especially in the newer buildings.
For example, in towns in Switzerland, you have to paint exterior walls the same colour in many places, and window shades also have to be a certain colour. It can of course be overkill and too strict, but I often wondered how that application would look scaled to a mid or high rise neighbourhood. I guess we would need a design review committee that has some enforcement strength.
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Beautiful courtyard. This one turned out to be a beautiful building. Any idea when occupancy will begin ?
I think occupancy already started last year. They must be at the last bits of the occupancy closings. I don't know when final closing as originally schedule for but seems like everything is running on time? Maybe we will know more once that pool starts becoming visible lol