Toronto Theatre District Residence & Riu Plaza Hotel | 156.05m | 49s | Plaza | BDP Quadrangle

The whole massive tower above rowhouses thing is growing on me. I used to think this was a really tacky way of doing things but seeing it here in context of the excellent "brickwork" really works.

It is uniquely Toronto for better or worse so we might as well figure out how to make it look pretty, and BDPQ has done an excellent job in that regards.
From ConstructingToronto on IG:

I think I can forgive the oil can cladding because that precast brick looks so wonderful. The depth is absolutely key as it disguises the typically jarring gaps between panels on flat precast brick walls. It's also just more visually interesting; go figure, texture, depth and a little articulation actually do something.
I havent seen it in person recently, but the oil canning appears more prominent on the side of the building with the least windows.
I think the older brick building on the corner will get lost (visually) with the tall brick podium (of similar colour) next to it.
I was faintly hoping that there would be just a single level of brick work on the podium next to the older building to allow the older building to rise above.