Toronto The Whitfield | 130m | 39s | Menkes | Giannone Petricone

An update, from May 23, 2023:


The prison bars on the balconies are so ugly. I think the vertical banding going down the non balcony sides is okay, but not the balconies. TBH I think the building might have looked much better with none of it at all and just glass. As long as it's dark glass.
Practically and visually speaking, glass has to be the worst materials to use on a balcony. It's way too sterile, provides next to no privacy, and there's no way on hell I'm stepping foot on a balcony with glass sides. You feel like you're dangling off the side of a building.
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The concrete pouring noise went late into the evening, so my wife called 311 to complain. Apparently they didn't apply for their permit for this. Poor corporate citizens!
The noise from the site is now expending past 9:30pm. Hard to enjoy a beautiful summer evening with the construction crew still working on concrete levelling. Unacceptable and utter lack of respect for those living in the vicinity.