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Aug 22, 2008
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Urbanation is reporting a 40 storey condo planned for this location without parking. This is the location of the Groundhog pub.
The Groundhog closed several weeks ago when their lease expired. This location at Sherbourne will continue the "east of Yonge / Bloor" condo boom.

The site includes 395 Bloor (occupied by Saisha, a secondhand store) and 401 Bloor (formerly Groundhog Pub). Total frontage on Bloor is 51.75 feet. It is also possible that it could be assembled with 403 Bloor Street East (Hakim Optical), which I believe is under related ownership and would take the total street frontage to 83 feet.
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This is a good location for a high-rise, close to the subway and close to the DVP. I'd be surprised if they get away with no parking.
OPA / Rezoning 10 181604 STE 27 OZ 395 BLOOR ST E May 25, 2010 Application Submitted May 25, 2010 Ward-27
South-District Residential Apartments 1080 25284 26364 386 980 --- --- Hynes, Michael
Standard Rezoning application for construction of Mixed use building - 2 storey podium with commercial uses - 40 storey residential tower with 386 residential units - ONLY 3 Car Auto Share Parking spaces

* the Autoshare reference is a note by the planner

In looking at the site, I suspect a constraint in that it may be directly above the B-D subway tunnel here, which may be the reason (in part) for limited parking. I would support the limited parking, but only the in the context of a somewhat larger commitment to carsharing, the new building on University, I believe is offering 9 spaces.
Only 3 Autoshare spots? Hmm that's stingy. Why not build above ground if the subway tunnel is under the building?
For those unfamiliar with the area, below is the site for the proposed untitled project, 395-403 Bloor East. The buildings that would come down to make way would be where Shaisha, The Gov'nor Pub, Palm Fashion & Hakim Optical are located.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge, then click again on the image for full size.

Looking east toward Sherbourne Street

Could this possibly be any more banal??


PLEASE don't let them build this !!!
I would wait for the render before passing judgment. At first glance, this looks a lot like X to me, but with a more finished mechanical box. It all depends on the finish and materials.
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Eager to know the colour of it first and the materials before judging. I can see that base easily being precast just by looking at it. The mechanical box actually has some character by the looks of it, though!
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Anybody know the developer?

The owner is Claude Bitton.

I'm sure most UT members here know of him. He is doing Regency On The Ravine and owns quite a large chunk on Bloor West Adjacent to Tridel's new old mill project.

His plan is to go JV with another developer on this project.

EDIT: Moderater to Post Developer as "CB HOLDINGS"
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