Toronto The Residences at Central Park | 105.9m | 31s | Amexon | Core Architects

Some machinery and sewage pipes on site.

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Just as Amexon is getting ready to bring these buildings to market… while they've had zoning approval since 2013, the Draft Plan of Subdivision was approved at City Council last week, splitting the site into a public street, 2 development blocks, and craving off 4 open space blocks that will be added to the adjacent Don Valley ravine parklands. Agenda item here.

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Looks pretty straightforward. I like the skating rink.

I can't help but believe that this area will never achieve the kind of density some thought it would after the subway was built. It's too suburban in nature. New developments will probably be in line with these towers-in-the-park type projects.
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This is another one of those "you could have built anything here and you built THAT?" They could have taken cues from the setting and created a development that feels like living in nature (I think of smaller scale examples like Bedford Glen or the couple of buildings further up from here at Bayview & Finch) but they just plunked down a grid and some boxes. There no ambition or imagination in this at all and those renders of people is just sales porn.

At the very least, I would have put the greater mass in the northwest and slope down south to maximize the number of units that get sun. And I would have decked that gap between old Leslie and the tracks as a community benefit.

Construction for the first tower and the majority of the amenities is expected to start this summer and the summer of 2025 is being targeted for first occupancy.

Sales of subsequent towers will likely be launched within six months. Construction starts for those buildings will be based on sales.

Shiff anticipates a late-2026 completion for the entire project.
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Silly me just realized that the office components already exist for this project when wondering why this was cutting so close to a ravine.

Their master-planned, mixed-use community is the first in Canada to include EV charging stations in all parking areas

TORONTO – July 4, 2022 – Taking the concept of sustainability to a new level, Amexon Development Corporation’s has launched Central Park, a master-planned, mixed-use condominium community in Toronto’s Bayview village neighbourhood.

Central Park will be constructed to Amexon’s unique Green Development Standard™ incorporating industry-leading green features. It is the first large-scale project of its kind in Canada to include EV charging stations in its over 1,500 parking areas.

As a member of the Green Building Council, Amexon develops innovative green solutions that conserve natural resources, respect the environment and support viable, healthy communities – now, and in the future. With environmental, social and economic sustainability in mind, Amexon’s Green Development Standard™ incorporates environmentally responsible design and building practices, reduces environmental impact and fosters a clean and energy-efficient lifestyle.

Amexon’s Executive Sales Manager Jason Shiff said, “We believe that reducing the carbon footprint in all our residential and commercial communities is the right thing to do. In our buildings, we strive to incorporate industry-leading sustainable green features and initiatives such as green roofs, rooftop solar panels, high-performance thermal building envelopes, next-generation mechanical systems, low water- and electrical-use systems and appliances. Central Park is testimony to that commitment.”