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another 14 day gap between slab pours here. If the next one is 7 days, that would be very nice, but somehow I'm doubtful. I'd be happy if we saw slab pour by the end of next week.
The last floor pour was on the 7th, 9 working days from pour to pour including the rain day, basically 8 working days between pours.
am i crazy or is this a long amount of time to finish a floor pour? it is not that much sqft.. remember the core is not being poured.
It's rare that we get shots of a building from above like this, we're quite fortunate. That being said, it's your belief that has more rebar in the floor than you'd see in an average residential building? That would be (one of the reasons) why this one is slower than others?

Well I'm not expert, but just from what I've seen yes. I don't recall seeing this much rebar in the many of the buildings I've seen being constructed.