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Today from the top of Charles St parking garage

I think it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow so it may not happen that fast. I would bet on Friday.
Guessing they will be pouring Wednesday

I believe there is a construction worker strike now? This might change that. Saw it on CP24 today.

Fingers crossed it isn't a long one.
The Strike is on. Gotta pay for $2.00/litre gas somehow. Oh yeah, and Trudeau's upcoming truck tax on top of the other taxes as well. Oh well. Things were really starting to move along nicely on this project.
Is this one affected? I assumed this job was ICI?
From the article linked in question about this states, "...individuals who are involved with high rise forming work." With the page break suggesting, "Strike could delay some projects." So I guess it could effect this project...but it could also effect any other residential projects on the go. Thus it could be something or a nothing burger here. The article was quite vague on those specifics.