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If stacked one atop another, the pile of servers needed to store just this one thread, would stretch to the 94th floor!

Are you saying what we think you are saying without saying it?
If you subtracted all the servers needed to store the now hidden trolling messages from this thread, they'd only stack as high as the 85th floor!

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And that is how the next 1000 pages start 😊

There is such a project by @jer1961 here

With @jer1961 's blessing... here's a free-ware quickie teaser time lapse from above grade to present day ... just for giggles (and didn't pay extra for the silly drama ;-).

You can look forward to the real thing from Jeremy when this One reaches 85 or 94 storeys (check page 3,179).

Use full screen for full cinematic astonishment 🙃