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I assume that Oxford will move and expand its incubator, OneEleven, from 325 Front (to be torn down for Union Park) to the Hub. It's currently 100,000 square feet, so even if it doubles in size it won't be the lead tenant obviously, but it would absorb some of the space. I could see a company like Amazon grabbing some of this space, especially as they've been leasing more space in Vancouver.
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They've screwed themselves on this. There are no anchor tenants, maybe except RBC, who need a new office and could pay for this. They arent going to kick this off without at least a 40% lease ...
How fitting that the SPA application came in this week. Still awaiting docs:
How does a change from 60 storeys to 57 suddenly make the building look stubby?
It was already looking quite stubby at 60. Chopping off 3 stories for an office building ends up being over 10m which is noticeable, imo. A single set-back as it rises would really improve that, especially as from ground level it would exaggerate the height by creating a more intense vanishing point towards the spire. Granted, I know with the external framing in the design, a set-back wouldn't look great.
The overall height may not change, perhaps taller ceiling heights on all the floors... The look of the tower may not change much at all.
Comparison of the two isn't as bad as I thought but still a large difference from the initial proposal (such is life).
not slightly, alot shorter. it's not 300m anymore. seems like the lighting rods have been reduced in length too.
not slightly, alot shorter. its not 300m anymore. seems like the lighting rods have been reduced in length too.

It hasn't been 300m for a LONG time, when they last reported earlier this year wasn't it 274m? That's like 900ft tall. Still decent in my mind. Has it since dropped shorter again? Where did the new pic come from?