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Yesterday. They definitely aren’t building the north part of the third phase - it looks like the cutoff is the emergency exit stairs on the arch plans. My guess is it’s a partial build out of the podium to support the above-grade parking structure for the first two phases, which needs those emergency exit stairs. I guess we’ll have to see exactly what they actually build.


I think the cutoff is here:



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Looks like sales for the third tower are starting now based on Emblem's instagram page.
Been seeing the ads. Wondering if they're lower the price to get more sold quickly due to reduced demand. Seems they are starting from the $400s now compared to the first two phases being more along the $500s-$600s.
They have started doing foundation work north of the red line. I believe the red line would be about where the roni excavator is.

So my guess is we were correct and they were just leaving that as a corridor to bring equipment in, but now that the first floor is mostly complete they are ready to close it.