Toronto Ten York Street Condos | 224.02m | 65s | Tridel | Wallman Architects

We've found a great place to host an Independence Day-style alien welcome party though! (not too obscure of a reference, right?)
A visual point of interest atop this monolith would be pleasant surprise, ( dare I say it, a necessary rescue). Apart from it's wedge-shaped footprint, I see this as one slice of blandness in a most visible place .

I would personally love a good lighting feature for this building, something that accentuates its lines. The top is just calling to be illuminated.
The vertical lines are definitely a nice break from the balcony-dominated facades in Southcore.

I really wish they could have done something more interesting with the very grey Infinity mechanical penthouses, though. Some color, even artwork would have been nice.
Concrete Pour Almost Complete at Ten York

October 2017 Construction Update

Since our last update, the on-site construction team has completed the concrete pour up to the 67th floor and are now working on the 68th floor. It is anticipated that the concrete pour for the community will be complete next month. Drywall installations have reached the 38th floor, while plumbing & electrical are progressing on the 16th and 20th floors respectively. In addition, the 11th floor suites are receiving their first coat of paint.